We have cattle, goats, and puppies for sale at various times of the year.   In order to purchase any of our livestock or puppies, we request that a sales agreement be reviewed, signed, and e-mailed back to us. A non-refundable deposit must be completed in order to hold an animal unless you purchase the animal posted on our page and you pay in full. We accept cash, Paypal, Venmo, and Apple Pay. We do NOT accept personal checks. Please see the appropriate sales agreement below.

Please download the sales agreement, read, sign, and email the form back to us at tcflivestock@gmail.com

Please be sure to also read our Sale Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing any of our livestock or puppies.

Our cattle are grass fed until one month before they are for sale. We vaccinate our cattle per industry standards. Feeder calves are available in September.

Our goats will be dam raised unless noted, disbudded if they are dairy or a deposit is placed in advance for boer goats, tattooed or scrapie tagged and/or microchipped, be given cd & t shots at 4 weeks of age and 8 weeks of age, dewormed as needed, and hooves trimmed before sold.  We vaccinate our Boer herd against CL. We conduct random monthly blood tests for CL, CAE, and Johne’s on our Nigeran Dwarf herd and upon buyers request on any of the goats we have for sale. Our Breeding stock will come with ABGA or ADGA registrations or signed applications for registrations. The non-refundable deposit to hold a goat is $150 unless it’s a Nigerian Dwarf wether, which the deposit is $50. Balance is due upon pickup.

Our Great Pyrenees puppies are purebred, but do not come with purebred papers. The puppies are raised outside and are exposed to livestock as they are bred to be livestock guardian dogs. The pups will be seen by a Licensed Veterinarian at six to eight weeks of age, where they will receive a health exam, their first DHPP vaccination, and be dewormed. Puppies will be ready to go between 8-10 weeks of age. The new owner is responsible for the second DHPP vaccination, rabies vaccine, and purchasing of a dog license with their county of residency once the puppy is released. The non-refundable deposit for a puppy once selected is $100, with the remaining balance due at pickup.

All sales are final, as is. Due to biosecurity reasons, we do not accept any animal back on our premises after its purchase. Some livestock, especially goats, can stress during transportation which may eventually lead to death. If the animal passes due to natural causes within 48 hours of purchase, we will work with the buyer to either give a partial refund or assist with a replacement animal of equal or less value if we have one available. In order to verify that an animal has passed by natural causes, a veterinarian letter explaining the cause of death was due to natural causes will be required to be provided to begin this process. It is the seller’s discretion on the partial refund dollar amount.

In the event an animal, particularly a puppy, is not working out or needs to be rehomed due to unforeseeable reasons, we can assist with rehoming. Please contact us to discuss the situation and options.

Please check out below to see what is currently being offered for sale as of August 1, 2021.

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