Pictures of our goats, Boer and Nigerian Dwarf, are currently under construction.  New pictures coming soon!

Our Tradition

With ennobled bloodlines in our boer goat herd, we set ourselves apart from the competition.

Registered Boer Goats

We have Fullblood, Percentage, and Commercial boer stock.


Foundation of Our Herd


High Quality Boer Goats

Commerical Stock

Quality Show Wether Style Stock


High Quality bloodlines

Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We have ADGA Purebred stock.

We conduct monthly milk testing on our does. Our DHIR data will be posted under each specific doe.


High Quality bloodlines

Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

Breeding Opportunities

Need a buck to breed a few does? We do offer select live breeding.  To learn more, click on our Breeding Contract

Proud members of

the American Dairy Goat Association & the American Boer Goat Association

Looking to Buy?

We sell our fall/spring kids by weaning time in April and our spring/summer kids by August.  If you'd like to be put down on our waiting list or learn more, please contact us.