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Raising caprine can be tricky as many veterinarians do not specialized in the species.  We highly recommend contacting veterinarians in your area and building a relationship with them prior to purchasing any caprine.  Once you determine the breed of caprine you'd like to own, reach out to established breeders in your area for specific guidance and to ask for additional information.  In order to be a successful owner, you will need a basic understanding of the breed you chose to pursue, all of their specific health needs and risks, and familiarizing yourself with routine care.  The more you know the quicker you can identify and treat minor and major health issues.

Listed below are resources we advise all new caprine owners to review.  Every breed of caprine have their own association, we have listed the two associations we specifically belong to.  The Tennessee Meat Goat page has numerous articles of very useful information.  Keep in mind that a lot of medications used to treat goats are used as "off-labeled."  Always speak with your veterinarian before administering medications.

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