Nigerian Dwarf Buckling #P5 (ADGA Registrable)

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Nigerian Dwarf Buckling
DOB: 02/13/22. Disbudded. UTD on CD&T.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids

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You are bidding on a Nigerian Dwarf Buckling. This buckling’s dam is Miniland Ranch S Lulu #D1992307 who is currently on DHIR with a fat percentage of 7.9 and protein 4.2. The Buckling is sired by D & L Meadows Yankee Doodle #D2003912.

If you placed the winning bid, you will have 24 hours to send payment. If no payment of cleared funds is received in 24 hours, the animals goes to the next highest bidder. Cleared funds means there will be no hold on the amount through paypal, credit card, or cash if in person. To have cleared funds through Paypal, you need to have an available balance OR your bank account/credit card linked ahead of time, so PLAN AHEAD.

All of the auction kids have to be picked up at our farm. At this time we can’t meet transporters on their respected routes. Most transporters don’t do farm pickups anymore, so again, pleases plan ahead. If you win a bid and then can’t get transport worked out, you will lose your payment. Please know whether or not you can get transport worked out before placing a bid.  If this is your first time working with a transporter, make sure you have many solid references for that transporter and a clear commitment from them with pickup and delivery dates/timeline. Some may take way longer than what you’d think to get your kid to you! Ask for a clear commitment on how long it will take to get the kid from here to you. Transporters are independent contractors hired by you! We have no control over their care once they leave this farm! You may also want to consider privately hiring someone you know local to you, that can pick up and bring the kid directly to you. Likely will be close to the same cost as using an actual transporter with way less travel time/stress for the kid. 

The target for kid pickup is between 3-6 weeks old. We can not hold on to kids for extended periods of time, so be sure you can get the kid transported within the timeframe. Unless agreed to ahead of time, if the kid hasn’t been picked up by 1 week past the sale, the payment will be forfeited and the kid will be sold to another buyer. If sold out of state, a health inspection by our veterinarian will be required. A Complete Veterinarian Inspection (CVI) is $40. Buyers are responsible for all costs associated with the CVI.

***Any associated CVI fees plus the full price of the kid must be paid in full, in cleared funds, before the kid can leave the farm. Paypal payments need to be sent friends and family (double check to ensure there is no fee!), OR alternatively, you can add the 3.5% fee to your payment. ***  Important: Paypal no longer allows a refund of payment plus fees, if you mess up and do it wrong, if I refund, they still keep the fee and it comes from my account! So if you do it wrong, unfortunately, you’ll have to send a second payment to cover the fee, so double and triple check there is no fee being charged.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
Auction started May 12, 2022 8:54 am

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