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Where to turn?:  Resources Needed for your Goats

Raising caprine can be very challenging.  In a time of fewer large animal veterinarians to make farm visits and a small number of veterinarians specializing in caprine, seeking assistance when your caprine is in an emergency situation can be a matter of life and death.  In an effort to prevent this occurrence, all caprine owners should establish a relationship with their veterinarian prior to purchasing their first caprine.   This will reduce both the owner and veterinarian stress and enhance their knowledge base on basic care and treatment therapies.

When a veterinarian is not as familiar with the day-to-day activities of raising caprine, it is helpful to establish a relationship with an experienced breeder.  Depending on the breed of caprine you raise, some breeds may be more demanding than others.  A breeder can advise of health issues to watch for and what over the counter remedies help to treat the animal.  Few medications will identify caprine on their label, so many reference articles refer to "off-label" treatment.  Always refer to your veterinarian for the correct treatment and dosage for your specific animal's needs.

It's always helpful to have resources handy when an emergency occurs or at least be familiar with where to go for help.  Here are a few helpful links.  Each breed of caprine have an association, I have included the two that our farm is members of.  These associations will have a lot of useful information on the breed, as well as breeders, and additional resources on their website.  Also, I have included a breeder specific website that offers a vast variety of educational reference guides to raising caprine.



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